Wanted to share with you something I just found ...
I came across the name of a scuba diving company that is called
Bare Buns Scuba .... I put the name into the Book of Names ... and
reduced it to its letters ....  what I found is a perfect way of looking
at names so as to create from them what you seek to create real.
The name comes from these letters ...
abcenrsu ... bare buns scuba - http://www.barebunsscuba.com/instruction.htm is no longer there.
I took those letters and put it into my lexicon to see what could be spelled with just those letters,
and gee, it spells one word ... unbraces.
abcenrsu .... unbrace  v. tr. unbraced unbracing unbraces
1. To set free by removing bands or braces.
2. To release from tension; relax.
3. To make slack; weaken, as in we were unbracing the fence posts to replace them.

Definition #1 and #2 definitely fit perfectly with swimming naked. 
It sets you free and releases and relaxes you.

So .. in my universe ... this name, Bare Buns Scuba is a sweet example of the name reflecting the
realities of what they created with the letters abcenrsu being those creating the name.

Thought you two would enjoy this ....

Laughter in the lights of Love to you both ....
No bare buns puns intended,