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The White House

See for yourself, from the
Office of the President, Barack Hussein Obama :

Lexigram wise, Perfect Anagrams wise ...
We share here the answer to the Sone Game of ..
What is the echo of, O! AMERICAN BABUSHKAS.
The eternal echo is, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.
American women of all ages voted Obama.
American men of all ages voted Obama.

Imagine Abe came back, and this time he is African-American.
Can you spell peace on earth good will all ...
NOTE OF : Mon, April 20, 7:50 PM EST : "What Makes the United States Special"
Last week the President released and disavowed memos issued by the Office of Legal Counsel between 2002 and 2005 on interrogation techniques.
Today the President visited CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia to speak to CIA employees directly.

The Speech to the CIA Employees by President Barack Obama
   Disavowing Certain Interrogation Techniques
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NOTE OF 20090422 : We sent this response to's call for low level torturers to be prosecuted :

Our stand is this ...
The true torture masters are the Bush Cheney Cabal.
Those are the folks who are to come to kneel at the table of American Just Us.
Their crimes are legion, including their psychological warfare against Americans and our military in hyping and demanding their high crimes and treasons upon humanity be followed.
The SENATORS TREASONS are included.
The SENATORS must become ATONERS to their crimes.
This is the Bush Cheney Cabal, the Republican Cabal inclusive.
Those are the main targets of true American Just Us.
After that is achieved, the rest of the torturers fall like dominoes.
You may deliver this response to Eric Holder, thank you.
   and ..
Thank You for Your Good Works On Earth,

Will I Am
Executive Director

Note of 20090425 : HUMANENESS
... various reports have led some in Congress "to push for a full inquiry" into the Bush administration's actions regarding torture.

"Our country is turning away from this dark moment. But we cannot afford to leave it behind until we fully understand what went wrong, and do what we can to ensure that America never again loses sight of its most sacred principles," - United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse : Quote of 20090416 : "During the dark days of the Bush Administration, this once-proud office became Dick Cheney's little shop of legal horrors, and ignored America's past prosecution of waterboarding through criminal trials and military tribunals." :
Source :

This Senator has his voice set to truth shared, and America is awakening to the evil sad facts of the Bush Cheney Cabal, and just us will see the 'legal' liars fall from their lairs. - ko

Reflecting the above, way back in late 2006, we came across this perfect anagram of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA :


We found this letter perfect anagram at on 20061104 : This is a free webhosting network, open to individuals and nonprofits.

Finally, a Truth of Value, described in words :
"The salaries and bonuses paid to executives and other top administrators without consideration of their performance is a disgrace. I must point out the United States is not alone in this matter. We currently have a law setting the minimum wage paid to employees. It is about time that we set a maximum compensation for top level management positions. I would suggest we set the limit to what we pay the president of the United States. I don't think anybody has more responsibility and deserves anything higher."
   - Robert A. Heurgue : Eugene, Oregon
   This quote is from the Register Guard Letters to the Editor 20090329 page G2.
A further note on this matter, in the trilogy of Conversations with God, the author addresses this very matter, and God suggested the same thing for the simple reason no one human earns all the earnings without all others partaking in any way, and so too all those before him or her and those after. God suggested, at the time, a top income of $25 million per year, and all earnings beyond that are of the commons, and so banked to the commons. What are the commons, you ask ? Mother Earth, for one. Her waters, her airs, her plants, her animals, her us. Is your company destroying her life systems without healing her ? What worth, your actions ? Same as cars scar Americas, false ideas can destroy life itsElf. To pay any one human beyond an agreed upon top limit, and bottom limit, is treacherous to life itsElf when greed goes beyond agreed as we are now seeing still in early 2009. - ko
How about a maximum earning of $400,000, the same as the President of the United States ?? - ko

Note of 20090216 : < Congress included Senator Chris Dodd's amendment limiting executive pay in the stimulus bill that passed on Friday. < That being said, we invite you to see the Star Art of CORPORATE in Words Forms From CORPORATE's Letters
This is not a final art of the Terra Corp Care Art.

See the towering Star Arts of WALL STREET

Our work at is neither political nor religious.
We seek to expose lies of liars who cling to false knowledges in
the name of false profits and false prophets.

This includes their false meanings in their false nameings.

Towards that end, we have created a 750+ webpage archives here at Good Works On Earth.
In the time frame we first created this very page you are reading ...
Those archives are best begun from here : The Ten-Year-Old Archives

On 20091022, President Barack Obama was David's guest, on air the entire show time.
We noticed the next morning folks are just now really starting to search for anagrams of the presidential name, i.e.
President Barack Obama
anagrams for barack hussein obama
barack obama anagram

Here below, we share a snippets of real searches folks have the search engines to find and arrive at pages throughout our site :

Anagrams, Barack Obama
barack hussein obama lexigram : see the perfect anagram above
anagram for the name barrack hussein obama
obama's good works and influences : see the White House link
barak quote : proper spelling is Barack
barack quote that is not his quote It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us!, by Marianne Williamson
barack hussein obama anagram
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anagram obama : obamas anagrams
lexigram/barack/obama : we are #1 & #2 of 272 answers at on 20090331
barak obama lexigrams : standing : #4 & #5 / 266 answers : google : 20081104
lexigram obama : showing : #2 & #3 / 380 : google : 20081104
lexigram/barack obama: #1 & #2 of 138 : google : 20081104
    appearing on this page : Healings of George W. Bush
the "good works" of "barack obama" : positioning : #6 of 502,000 : yahoo : google : 20081111
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lexigrams obama : no statistics
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Empowering Justice : Adjust to Just Us : phrases released 20081212
THEUNITEDSTATESOFAMERICA : as above in the heart of humans
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We Are One : We Are All One : We are all of one Love source

One note on one tone ...
On One Dove of Love ...
America's Mature Women

Dove Loves Woman

Touch upon her beauty ...
Take flight to Oprah Winfrey's website page of Love with the Dove,
and "America's Babushkas" baring their soul's finest garments.

The RePowerings of America
Are you on the bus of us ?
Us, here, being we HUMANS

Note of 20090120 :
Are you open to changes in your viewpoint ?

See a film .. Sadhana
A nameing ... Sadhana
              A meaning ... a path to enlightenment.
Sadhana, the Enchanted Journey Back to the Source
A documentary by Jean-Pierre Piche and Marcel Poulin.
'Tis a true story.
Sadhana, the film story, in English
Sadhana, le cinema storie, in French.

Blessings Be and Thank You

~ Kathy Onu, nee Uno ~
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