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Note of 200811042005pst :
Sone Game #6 is now closed.

The Question was this :
Name the Perfect Echo of this phrase,


No one submitted the correct answer.
  and so we say ..

Congratulations to President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama

the Cosmic Call has been heard ..
the Perfect Anagram is ...

The new President-elect, 20081104

The Singularly Most Perfect Anagram of Barack Hussein Obama will be revealed by us on 20101212.
We say most perfect, as there is none finer in the panthenon of his letters creations.
This Singularly Most Perfect Anagram has been quietly shared with five people in the world at this time.

Our work is neither political nor religious.
We seek to expose lies of liars who cling to false knowledges
in the name of false profits, and false prophets.

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lexigram obama : showing : #2 & #3 / 380 : google : 20081104
lexigram/barack obama: #1 & #2 of 138 : google : 20081104
    appearing on this page : Healings of George W. Bush
the "good works" of "barack obama" : positioning : #6 of 502,000 : yahoo : 20081111
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Oprah "hope won" in Chicago : #1 of 133 : 20081104
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barack obama lexigram : Our Home Page (at that time) and Name Gallery were #1 and #2 / 221 answers : google : 20081120
lexigrams obama : no statistics
Repowering America : Repower America : phrases released 20081211
Empowering Justice : Us Adjust to Just Us : phrases released 20081212

One note on one tone ...
On One Dove of Love ...
America's Mature Women

America's Mature Women

Dove Loves Woman

Touch upon her beauty ...
Take flight to Oprah Winfrey's website page of Love with the Dove,
and "America's Babushkas" baring their soul's finest garments.

Blessings Be and Thank You

~ Kathy Uno ~
The Letters Settler

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Definition of MER : Mer is the light of Love that we are as awareness itself, the heart-light.

Have you heard the voicings of the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans, Central Americans ...
It is a scream, as Americans care ...
It is a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hates ?
Can a ballad suspend times ?
This healing anthem can ..
This able ballad can ...

Can You Hear Your Own Music Here :
Oh I Sae Can Yee See ...

I Am A Mer, I Am ...
As I Am A Mer, I Can ...
As I Am A Mer, I Care ...
As I Ammm ... Aaa.merrr.iiiiiii.cannnnnnn

from the Prelude to AMERICANS
The Star Art
The Song