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the W's Initial Echoings
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Information on the manuscript entitled :

The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See
The Nature of the Lexigram

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From the Book of Names
in Letters Let Seer See Order
Copyright in pen is Kathy Uno

.... snip ....
aalmt ........... malta  - member of european union
aalst ............. atlas - father of maia/maya - see accdeessuu
aamnt ........... atman - individual soul or essence of a person
aaknt ............. tanka - sacred name for ancient japanese poetry form
aakntw .......... wakan tanka - sacred word for Love/Goddess/God, Our One sOurce
aaknw .......... wakan - sacred word for Love/Goddess/God
aaknw ......... wakan - 'The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes from within the souls of men when they
    realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe
    dwells Wakan-Tanka, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. This is the real peace, and the others are but
    reflections of this. The second peace is that which is made  between two individuals, and the third is that which is made between
    two nations. But above all you should understand that there can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true
    peace which is within the souls of men.'    PEACE -- by Black Elk
aannoorrww ... won no raw war on now - the author's first palindrome. I have never seen this written before.(full anagram sequence)
aanru ........... rana nu - sacred name for a sacredly aware being of Telos
aanst ............ sanat - sacred name for the One Love Source
 aanst ............. satan - sacred name for the evil lie in image form
  aanst .............. santa - sacred name for the good lie in image form
aaqru .................. aqua aura - aura color
aarrsttu .............. Tartarus : noun.
    1. Greek Mythology : The abysmal regions below Hades where the Titans were confined.
    2. An infernal region; hell.
    [Latin from Greek Tartaros] Tar;tar' e;an  adjective
aart .................. tara
    TARA : 'The Feminine Divine : Once upon a time, long long ago, when MEN were the only ones considered worthy of Buddha
    enlightenment, a REAL historical woman decided to take the bodhisattva vow and was actually allowed. So she became the first
    FEMALE BUDDHA and is known as the GREEN TARA or WHITE TARA. Look Her up in google and find TONS of books
    and info about her. In a nutshell : She is the FEMININE DIVINE ' -- Monk Madhi
.... snip ....

The following information is from this page : : site no longer exists
'In Indian Hinduism, the star goddess Tara is a manifestation of the queen of time, Kali. Her symbol,
    the star, is seen as a beautiful but perpetually self-combusting thing; so Tara is the absolute,
    unquenchable hunger that propels all life. As a Bodhisattava, a Buddha-to-be, she is considered
    second only to the great Avalokitesvara, of whom she is said to sometimes be a female aspect.

    'Among Buddhists and Jains, and particularly in Tibetan Lamaism, Tara became a symbol of other
    hungers as well, in particular the spiritual hunger for release from the purely physical world. As such,
    Tara is the goddess of self-mastery and mysticism, invoked under her 108 names on a rosary of
    108 beads. The compassionate goddess, she appears as a playful adolescent, for Tara sees life
    for the game it is; she also appears as a celestial boat woman, ferrying her people across from the
    world of delusion to that of knowledge. As the Green Tara she is terrifying, but the White Tara of
    meditation stares at us from her three eyes to remind us that if we look through the terror of death
    she waits to enlighten us.' : site no longer exists


The following is from one of the Golden Angels :

Hi Will, I was just reading this page and I thought you might like to know more information about Tara : You have the following text "As the Green Tara she is terrifying, but the White Tara of meditation stares at us from her three eyes to remind us that if we look through the terror of death she waits to enlighten us"
Will, the White Tara has seven eyes in total.  The two eyes of physical human sight, one at the centre of her forehead, one in each palm of her hands and one on the sole of each foot.  These 7 eyes represent the fact that she sees through the three doors of liberation and generates compassion by means of the four unlimited qualities of bodhisattvas. Also, if my understanding is correct Tara is in fact a fully enlightened Buddha and is commonly known as the Mother of all Buddhas, rather than a Buddha-to-be.  A bodhisattva's nature is somewhat paradoxical and this is where much confusion arises in respect of Tara.  You see, a bodhisattva is one who is totally dedicated to the welfare of others and often continues in this manner even when they are fully enlightened. Tara is also known as a Tantric Deity and therefore is one who has fully awakened to complete and perfect Buddhahood.  She can be seen as being in nirvarna, but because of her perfect compassion for all sentient beings she does not "fully enter" nirvarna and disappear but continues to function as a Bodhisattva, using the powers of buddhahood to do so effectively. : Luv K


 The following is from the manuscript :
The StarLightning Express
- Letters Let Seer See - The Nature of the Lexigram
 Copyright 2006 Auctor Ignotus : Kathy Uno : All Rights ReServed World Wise
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the unpublished manuscript

By, my name in pen is, Kathy Uno
Inspired by the names of two lives :
[Editor Note: Blessing a soul whose calls to his village went unheard,
then a whistle unheard, one veil crossed as Jon Schive heals heaven
As A Saint He Is In Ascent To The Host Heavens: 20060117]
Jonathon Schive is also known as Jon Schive. 
 He was also known as Jon Lee and, J, just the letter J, as in Jay.

[Editor Note : this manuscript is authored by Kathy Uno, her pen is in name as Auctor Ignotus : 20060120] 
Author's Working Print as it sits this day and as presented in memorium the day we learned Jon Lee is in heaven.
This is a one of a kind print
There is no exact before it
There is no exact after it
As set on 20060120
Print #1 of 1 printed this date
This print is an author's working print
Author in pen is by name, Kathy Uno
The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See ~ The Nature of the Lexigram
Lived, researched, and written by William F. Schive
with priceless helpings in all three by Jonathon Lee Schive. (1981-2006)
Copyrights to selected Star Arts are held in trust
by Good Works On Earth for their work
All Rights ReServed World Wise
























"In the beginning is the Word and prior to the word is the Breath and with the breath is
the Still Quiet Love, Unnamed and Unformed ... the breath creates tones to notes to stone."
- As written in The StarLightning Express, the manuscript.

'The Breath becomes a stone; the stone, a plant; the plant, an animal; the animal, a man; the man, a spirit; and the spirit, a god.'
- the Kabbalah


Welcome ... You are being invited, with your opening of this writing and your reading herein, aboard a thought train of your own creation in concert with the words your eyes now see.  The words you will see herein will enliven your awarenesses while displaying their abilities to assist you in healing yoursElf and others.  These wordings will Lovingly share with you the ascensions of awarenesses that are now occurring with Mother Earth hersElf, her Loving humans and creatures and her very dirt, stones and waters. Please see the Star Arts of MOTHER EARTH.

Each sentence of this thought train is here for your eternal enjoyments in multidimensionally new awarenesses. The words will show themsElves to you, revealing their wonderful abilities of expressing meanings as sang in nameings, hiding meanings through time in our words, and then, when the person seeks their meanings, the words and nameings allow them to be sung in the heart with new awarenesses abounding forevermore.  You hold in your hands decondensed and decoded revealings from the code spelled as English in 26 letters.

Words are more than you have ever allowed yourself to imagine words could be, and they are far more powerful than we have been taught by the corporate-based or psychologos-based or religious-based programming schools we force our children to suffer through.  Fact is, these competition/consumer/wage-slave schools shut down the innate abilities of the children, quashing their intuitions, hardening their Loving hearts while stuffing their precious minds with useless 'information' and dubious 'facts' written such that the child is fearful of learning, fearful of the constant testings and the judgements that follow.  Schools are forcing upon our children, locos logos, designed to control their minds by the psycho-logos and corporatist-rapist crowds.  Bold words, you say?  Bolder words you are about to see.

Knowing words brings you knowledge of their powers to vibrate universes.  Previously secret and unknown codes of the English language are revealed herein, along with the results of their research and use since 1987.  The information you are about to learn while aboard The StarLightning Express is unprecedented* upon Mother Earth.  You are holding in your hands keys to life and livings and you will see in your readings of these words a mattering of something that minds you in this solar system, and all others. You hold in your vision, or you are hearing in your ears these very nowments, words that are of an ability and of a mind to mind you and guide you forever with Love as our one source throughout the universes.

Over the years I have called the Lexigram renderings of words as Word Arts, and the renderings of names as Name Arts.  In the year 2000, Good Works On Earth began to share them as the Star Arts at their web site.  You can easily see the word, STAR, becomes ARTS, and also RA, being one sacred name for Our One sOurce.  I call them Star Arts as they are truly intuited from the stars themsElves. (More on this later.) The Star Arts are each rendered using only those letters that spell the word or name itsElf.  If you are looking at the STAR ARTS IN EARTHLINGS, you will see that the letters that are used in the art are only those letters that spell EARTHLINGS, which are AEGHILNRST.  The Star Art of PROPHECIES is entirely rendered using only the letters spelling PROPHECIES, which are CEEHIOPPRS.  In February of 2004, for the first time, my eyes saw the word HEARTLINGS IS IN THE EARTHLINGS.  All these years and I never once did see nor one time hear the word, HEARTLINGS.  It is a greeting of joy to see.

This is one of the keys of the Lexigram, to create the anagrams from only those letters that spell the word itsElf.  Use only those letters that spell the word you are working with while making anagrams to your heart's content.  The art of the Lexigram is simply taking the anagrams found and putting them together to reveal meanings pertinent to the word itsElf.  The intuitions are part and parcel of the process and are developed by these doings.

The Star Arts you will soon meet are of unique ability ~ they will work for you and with you no matter your awareness in life.  If you speak out a Star Art, the soundings of the voicings of the letterings in the art literally rings the universes with your voicings.  Better still if someone is voicing them and one or more is/are listening to the speakings.  The reason is, two or more people are, by virtue of mentally creating the thoughts which go with the words, vibrating in essentially similar wavelengths in the mindstuff of Goddess/God/Love which resonates the Aware Beings present to a connection of pure Love.  Believe it.  This occurs with arts, music, poetry, song, story telling, drummings, meditations and any number of other activities.  Life is art, Love is the canvas and our voicings are our vibrational sound paints.

*  I can find no mention or proof of this knowledge of the Lexigram being set to form prior to 1987 by Linda Goodman
End of First Page :

Of what value are the Lexigrams to you?   The Star Arts revealed will easily and Lovingly show you many truths of many matters.  Truth is what sets one free.  You will know how to know what you seek to know on many levels of awarenesses resulting in your knowing what is true for you and what is not.  You decide, no one else.  Seeing how words reveal their hidden truths will also fine-tune your ability to hear the lie when it is spoken or see the lie when it is written.  Be forewarned, should any reader think you could use this ability to create the ideal lie for your sElf to have power over others to satisfy your competitive greeds, think again.  Your attempts to mis use the powers of letters will recoil upon your very being with lightning speed in ways you would shudder to imagine.  The Lexigram is the art of a Loving heart touching the energies which power the universes and to no other will these keys permit clearest entries : this very sentence is a book unto itsElf for the Loving heart reads with impunity.

Of what value is the learning of how to render Lexigrams?  You absolutely do not need to learn how to work with this art and science to benefit from it.  Many of you will not want to learn how to play and work with the Lexigram renderings of words or names, and that is as it should be.  Never waste a moment of thought thinking that if you do not learn how to work with the Lexigrams' axioms and guidelines that you will be missing out.   By reading the Star Arts revealed herein you can and will gain an aligned awareness to see that your life is what you are creating and agreeing to with others, and from this you can move in any direction you can conceive.

Should you choose to learn how to render Lexigrams you will be able to know the truths of the matters you are researching.  A sacred gift of working with this art is it develops your intuitions.  As a seer or seeress you will find Lexigrams to be a tool in finding the truths of many matters.

If you or anyone you know is ADDICTED to substances or behaviors and desire to cease the addiction, your decision to de-addict yourself will resolve to no addiction for you by doing what the ADDICTED Star Art shows you to do.   Share the ADDICTION Star Art with others you know who are suffering addictions of any kind.

Or you might be a person who sensed DEPRESSION and should you see and do what the DEPRESSION Star Ar shares to do and see, DEPRESSION ends.  DEPRESSION, as a Star Art, is to me, with its page of causes and page of healings, ONE ROSE SENSED. DEPRESSION is deemed a negative word.  It is an uncomfortable condition for one who experiences it.  Here the word will reveal to you how it is holding within itsElf, with its letters, all the truth for folks to experience all the depressions they want to experience and then, using the word itsElf, learn to rise to no one is in depression.  DEPRESSION IS DONE.  The condition ceases, and so too shall their use of the word.  Of course, should the depressed person be listening to others who cannot understand the fact that the Spirit, mind and the biology are married in physical and so affect each other, well, they will believe they need the doses in drugs or such.  All bets are off on the Star Art's effects if the person in depression is connected to a professional depression artist.  Agreeing with them is a woeful thing.  Be careful, they can be subtle.  They will tell you you have a dis ease with a fancy name and then tell you they have the drug that will cure you, again, with a fancy name.  Then they send you to a pHARMacy to purchase their drugs.  And now I tell to watch for their name changes in companies and drugs and in their pricings.  This group is hog wild on vacuuming in cash monies.

Are you an EARTHLING?  This word has many secrets to share in your ear.  Use your SIGHT to LEARN THE EARTHLING'S HEALINGS revealed.  Hear the EARTHLING'S words in your heart as you read it with your sight, or hear with your ear, or as you speak the words yoursElf to your cadences.

Are you a PRISONER?  PRISONERS shows you how to rise to no one in prison.  Study the Word Arts of PRISONERS, you will see more of what the word does pose on one in prison.  Currently, as I work with this word, it is incomplete even after years of my looking at its letters seeking what they could say to help heal this situation with guards and prisoners both at wits end.  Intuition tells me it will remain so, for the word itsElf is saying prisoners will create its completions in their art forms.  If you are an imprisoned artist .. that is an invitation.  Create your arts with the letters to see how the word prisoner can show you how to open the doors. With help from the LAWYERS and ATTORNEYS who call for the AMNESTY and the allowing of making honest AMENDS.  Yes, these capitalized words are all Star Arts shared within this book.

Are you a Lemurian?  Please, let the others know these Star Arts are now here upon Mother Earth in form.

Have you been convinced by the medicos or friends or family who believe the MEDICAL information that you are SENILE?  Do you know someone who has been labeled as such, and who has agreed they are going or gone SENILE and so they dine in MEDICINE from the pHARMaceuticals?  Do you know someone worried they are going SENILE?  As you see the sense of what the Star Art of SENILITY tells you, you throw off the chain of belief of what others tell you is a dis ease.  The truth will set you free.  Lies enslave.  Lies truly enisle* a person, especially lies to themsElves, as these affect their BELIEF SYSTEM in every way.

Meditate with the word MEDITATION as the seed.  See what MEDITATION reveals to you with its letters.  Seeing at*one*ment within MEDITATION is described in MEDITATION.  MEDITATION also shares with you what to do with time, and a mind, and a name.

Are you in a UNIVERSE?  Well, there are verses of secrets for you to behold within this word.  Have you desired knowledge that makes clear how the universes work?  Keep reading and understanding what you read and you will know you have found such knowledge.   Having spent fifteen years lexigramming English has opened my physical eyes to truths unimagined.  My inner eye now sees and my inner ear now hears in ways I never conceived possible and the words and the letters are keys to the doors of these increased awarenesses.  Each door of awareness has many keys, as you will soon see.

Herein you will see Star Arts of words that can assist you in the creation of your life as you see it. You will see how the letters will reveal truths that have been right in front of us, out in the open for all to see, and yet we who have eyes have not seen.  Now seeing the truths so blatantly bared you will see more truth forevermore as you can create the life of your visionings with knowing Love.  One caution: take your time with the Star Arts and their lines revealed. Words and names you are about to see have held my attention hour upon hour, over days and weeks and months at times, and yes, some for years. (The word, CHURCH, revealed itsElf to me out of a clear blue sky one day after years of having played with the letters that spell church now and then.)  These arts, which took me weeks or months or longer to 'complete,' are presented to your awareness in moments, so please, as the author, I ask you to take your time.  DEPRESSION came to me fast and furious out of an old oak tree, the words literally jumping down by me from off the branches happy to know they are being seen by me and then shared with a dear friend who was explaining how he experienced depressions. We both ended up laughing in joy as I spoke the sentences arranging themsElves in the little balls of light with words glowing shadows upon their faces.  If you are gripped by depression, take your time and read the page of causes and then study the page of solutions to depression.  Take your time with the Star Arts.   Meet them, and they will serve you well, for this is their purpose and these are the times of their revealings to you.

I do not consider this a book to be read like a novel, though you can if you wish, for you are writing your own novel with your every spoken word.  Each and every word revealed as a Lexigram has the capability to change your belief system as you see it.  This book can be used as a tarot .. open the book where ye may, and read one page, and ponder it now and then that day, see how it transpires.  To make sure you reap the benefit of each Lexigram, please know that these arts all ask that they be read slowly with your feeling and understanding each and every line.  Feeling new awarenesses is what will affect the belief system for the better.  To demonstrate the power of the word to improve your life and living ponder this thought... Love is the same in name as the these; Our One sOurce ~ All That Is ~ God is within Goddess ~ the Great Central Sun ~ Krishna ~ Odin ~ Ra ~ the Unnamable ~ Wakan Tanka ~ Sho ~ Sol ~ Great Spirit ~  Sanat ~ with Santa and Satan as the echoes of the far spectrums ~ Tara ~ Tawa ~ I AM That I AM and more are the names we humans recognize as the Creator-Creatress-Creation.  Ask a Muslim what Mohammed is and he will tell you the human incarnation of Our One Spirit, which spoke and acted from and with Love.  Ask the brothers and sisters of Yeshua of Nazareth and they will tell you the human incarnation of Our One God who spoke and acted in form from and with Love.  Ask who was Siddhartha Gautama and you will hear, he was the son born to Queen Maya who grew to be the Buddha, and this man spoke of Love and the way to enlightened living with happiness.  And no, you do not have to go off and be a celibate monk or monkess to know you have enlightenment. Fact is, the Buddha found that was not the way to enlightenment.  Have you ever heard of the other Buddha, The Laughing Buddha?  This Buddha would go to various cities and his healings were his infectious laughters.  Laughters heal the hearts, 'tis true.

The creative awareness one might call the One Central Love Source, which is the source of all that is, and so the very phrase could be capitalized as the All That Is, is in the very ink on this very page, and it is the awareness of awareness which is the Aware Being, being aware, now reading this page or hearing these words if you are listening to the speakings of these works.  All is indeed Love.  Evil intent in man and ma is what wrecks things.  EVIL VILE LIE VEIL I LIVE .  Right in the very middle of lie is I.  No great mind tease to see how the christian folks Love to see themselves as an I in sin.  We are Beings of free will, we choose evil lies or we choose healing truths.

Because Love is the source of all that exists, I found that the Lexigram of RESOLVE, one word from 6 individual letters, shares with us the secrets of secrets.   By desiring to resolve any condition, problem or situation in your life and in your living with others, if you will simply use what RESOLVE shows you to do, you will see an enormous change in you and in all that is surrounding you, instantly and forevermore.  And the really nice thing about this secret revealed is that this awareness blossoms forevermore in your life and living in joyful Loving.  Ready for a simple three line Lexigram?  This is a promise from the universe revealed to us in our language.  When you feel an unwanted emotion, or awareness of a situation you seek to change, simply do what the letters, EELORSV, which spell RESOLVE, tell you to do.  SEE LOVE.  Rest your eyes and ponder this thought with the inner visionings ...SEE LOVE in your mind's eye, your third eye's causative visionings, your inner eye's imaginations.  Center yourself in Love for all and NOW look about.  You do this already with the imagination, create visions to see.  Here you will touch the power that powers all.  The All That Is, that which is All That Is, is Love.  SEE LOVE.  These are real Elemental imaginings in the mental mind-stuff of Goddess/God/Love.

SERVE LOVE.  When you take action, take that action from the source you are, Love, and deliver that action to the All That Is, with Love profound.   As you Love your sElf, so Love your brothers and sisters, and all that you interact with, animals, minerals, wind and sun, et al.

VERSE LOVE.  Whenever your speak your voice, be as the messenger of Love's highest soundings best you know, speaking with Love as your center.

Carry this word with you during your living to see if it works.  Test it.  Use it.  See for yoursElf if this is true for you and works to serve you and others in your sphere of living.  Share gently with the children, for they haven't forgot.

SEE LOVE. SERVE LOVE. VERSE LOVE.  Six words in three sentences that can change lives.  As Love is the All That Is, as you SEE LOVE so your Loving attention creates vibrations that flows with the universes underlying vibration, and as you SERVE LOVE as you do your actions with Love as the source and guide to action you are in harmony with the one empowering energy of awareness of the universes all, especially when you VERSE LOVE.  See, speak and act from and with Love.   Life will resolve nicely, you will see.

The words, POLICE and PRISONER and other words intend to cease to exist in usage.  Words do die, 'tis a fact.  By revealing their inner truths, this shall come to be.  We are imprisoning our brothers and sisters at enormous levels.  We are making it a profit-making venture for many, and the stocks are going up!  America deserves and needs an amnesty.  Yes, AMENDS, AMNESTY, FEDERAL MARSHALS, GENDARMES, INVESTIGATORS, INVESTIGATIONS, MERCENARIES, POLICE, PRISONERS, SHERIFF'S, TERRORISTS, WEAPONS and WEAPONEERS are a few of Star Arts you will be seeing within these pages.  Let FORGIVENESS reign throughout the land and all shall be free to go forth anew with Love.  Create your life with Love.  Yes, there will be those who cannot yet walk the path of Love and will create crime ... our society of greed and ownership and profit for the few begs and causes it and will change in ways unwritten herein.  Those who are damaged by the psycho logos folks and their pHARMaceutical chemicals called drugs, these can now be more safely dealt with because we have so few true criminals in our prisons, making more space available for the corporatist rapists.  We can then help those who truly need help. And we best quit funding psychology and psychiatry if we are going to be successful.  Many capable and creative people are in tiny cells for no good reason beyond politico's and judges and lawyers and other previous power's bad decisions based on control as purveyed by psychology and psychiatry and agreed to in 'law.'  These previous bad laws will be rescinded.  We are not dogs, salivating.  We are gods, creating.  The psycho logos folks who created spychology and spychiatry refused to embrace this fact beyond working to quash it in their belief system, and that is all their education is ... a belief system of their forefathers observations and manipulations of behavior.

Yes, there will be mighty changes in the laws of this country (see LAWYERS) and a consciousness change in the greed factor the authorities and corporate suits are now operating on to control the population and finance their unethical endeavors.  The drug war of the politico's is truly that.  The sad thing is that it is a war against oursElves.  Punishment does not heal people, no matter what the programmers say to support such a cruel system which we know creates further criminal mindsets on those it holds in their closed and confined quarters.  Our mindsets and our systems of punishment now create criminals.   To this I say, AWARENESS EARNS SANER ANSWERS.

Many of the 'negative' words do indeed wish to cease to exist in our usage of them.  WEAPONS and WEAPONEERS are two words that intend to cease to exist in physical upon Mother Earth, no doubt about it.  There is no joy in calling onesElf a weaponeer.  There are grand and unending joys in identifying onesElves as an Unweaponeers.

When you read a Star Art such as EARTHLINGS for the first or second or third time, slow down.  It took me over a year to see what is printed here in the Star Art of EARTHLINGS.  After that year I was explaining to an artist what I do with words, telling her a word I felt she would enjoy making into art would be the Star Arts revealed in EARTHLINGS.  As soon as I mentioned the word she shouted out a word that I had not seen.  She said, ALIENS ARE IN EARTHLINGS, which is true... we are Spirit incarnating as human with and upon Mother Earth, an awareness HersElf.   EARTHLINGS changed my awareness by leaps and bounds that year, and has again many times since.  Savor the word, read each line unto itsElf.  Let the word whisper her truths in your inner ear.

Learning something anew, or relearning something anew, then living life with a new awareness of what it is you are seeing and hearing is the boarding pass to this train of light in concert with the words.   You will see this with your readings of the Star Arts.   A difference from this and other books you have read is the other books do not go on for a page or two pages using the letters of only that one word to share new awarenesses regarding the word itsElf.  The individual words you will be meeting here have that ability. Some Star Arts have been repeated in different ways.  I know these words will serve you because I have seen it time and time again in the sharings.  DEPRESSION has been the cause of no depression.  ADDICTED, the cause of no addiction, ALCOHOLISM the cause of sobriety, VIOLENCE the cause of no violence, LAUGHTER the cause of healings.  When I first began learning this art and science, I was doubtful that words could carry such truth and power.  I was unable to comprehend how thousands of words in the language can carry their secrets within themsElves with their letters?  My Goddess!  Who created this?  And then, to think that someone's name could be lexigrammed to reveal anything of meaning that would be pertinent to their life and living.  After all, these are just letters and words, and the names are, well ... they are just names.  As you will soon see or hear, I no longer doubt the power of the word and the name after having rendered and shared so many Star Arts and Name Arts.

Words can heal or cut deeply and names can affect lives lived.

Lexigrams are both art and science.  Much as science would Love to be thought of as the source of art, art begets science.  It is the guileless art called Love coupled with the intuitions that allows you to render the workings of the science of the Lexigram.  Anything else is simply a parlor game with anagrams.  You will soon see the Lexigram is nothing similar to a silly game, though Lexigrams can be silly.  They can be uplifting.  Lexigrams can be life changing.  Because the Lexigram examines the very language we communicate with, the Lexigram can be as meaningful as the most profound of imaginations brought to life with images and words and as humorous as the funniest of situations.  They can reveal a great number of meanings or they can reveal only a thought or two.  They can pierce to the heart of the matter, and they can beat around the bush and leave you in the dust of confusion if your heart is not true to Love.

Linda Goodman's DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICAN still exist as I write this sentence in 1997, and still now, in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.  Linda revealed a little bit from each to show they are RATED A COMIC in one case, and ARE AN INCURABLE CLAN in the other.  To this I add the serious note that it is no wonder we had a nuclear arms race with the likes of the A DEMOCRAT, A COMRADE TO AN ATOMIC RACE and, IN A REPUBLICAN, A NUCLEAR CLAN RACE AN ALIEN RACE IN A NUCLEAR CLUB.  To show you how serious a Lexigram can be, the DEMOCRATIC and the REPUBLICAN are revealed for what they truly are within these pages.  The word REPUBLICAN even told us that we would have AN EPIC NUCLEAR CLEANUP IN AN UNCLEAR REPUBLICAN ERA.  That era is now upon us and still now there is new REPUBLICAN talk of new NUCLEAR weapons and power facilities, and this despite the fact that our NUCLEAR CLAN has yet to LEARN how to safely store the mountains of nuclear waste.  AN EPIC NUCLEAR CLEANUP IN A REPUBLICAN NUCLEAR RACE.

So, while some Lexigrams may at first seem silly or frivolous, further pondering and listening to the intuition will reveal more meaningful glances at the truths of the matters.  Both DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICAN are a full page or more of revealings.  Brace yoursElf if you still identify yoursElf as either.

Democracy is a sacred word ... the republican parties and democratic parties are not the highest awarenesses in name.  Statesmen and Stateswomen are infinitely more capable than that in creating healings in the ways of things upon Mother Earth with our nation's peoples in peace.

These true stories you are venturing on to read are going to reveal words that will open your physical eyes and your inner eye to truths which have been long hidden, while being out in the open for all to see.  Jeshua of Nazareth is quoted as saying, 'Let those with eyes see, let those with ears hear.'  Simply by reading and understanding these words you will find your inner ear hearing in ways forever delightful as you listen in silent and allow your inner eye to see the languages of Love, as contained in the lights of the letters.  The letters will help you easily see Love is All That Is.

The Star Arts presented herein are chosen for their raw energy in getting their point across, and, because each of these Star Arts themsElves asked to be in this, The Starlightning Express.  These sharings will flower as new awarenesses for he or she who is hearing and reading and thinking and pondering upon them.  The Star Arts are as magical and full of life as you can dare imagine, and more!

Please, take it casually when someone knows nothing of what you are about to read.  Share with them the magic a bit here and there.  It may have taken some moments for this writing to reach you.  Be gentle with those who do not yet see, for by your being their light, they can in turn be a light to you.  We all have answers for each other, we need only communicate with sincerity and Love, patience and kindness in friendship and kinship.

There are no typographical errors in this book ... great lengths have been gone to so as to ensure not one o or n or e is out of place, or extra or missing.  The letters within this writing, the words used herein, are all exact.  There are no stray letters in the Star Arts.

On this point be sure you understand you are opening a book which will affect your life and living always for the better as you so desire.  It is how you see it.  It is important you know you are in deed, by continuing to read, beginning a never-ending story of your own creation, indeed!

Spoken words are more powerful than previously known here on Mother Earth.

Quantum leaps of new awarenesses await you .. enjoy.

From the manuscript : The StarLightning Express - Letters Let Seer See - The Nature of the Lexigram
                                 : Copyright 2006 Kathy Uno : All Rights ReServed World Wise.
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The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See
The Nature of the Lexigram


Uno :  Be as the Gate Keeper at the Lips of Goddess letting nothing pass which does not honor such a one ...

Dos : In the beginning is the Word, prior to the word is the Breath and with the breath is the Still Quiet Love ...
        Unformed in Sound and Unnamed Amen

Tres : Be as the Gate Keeper at the Lips of God letting nothing pass which does not honor such a one ...

Quatro : In the beginning is the Words Sword, and with the words sown are their Echoes and with these
  echoes is the Still Quiet Love ... Formed in Sound and Made Named Amen

As set these days

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20040206 : 439 pages 143,741 words : 57 images
20040204 : 439 pages 143,694 words : 57 images
20040203 : 439 pages 143,430 words : 57 images
20040201 : 439 pages 143,296 words : 59 images
20040127 : 439 pages 143,218 words : 59 images
20040125 : 438 pages 143,113 words : 56 images
20040124 : 437 pages 142,308 words : adding images
20040122 : 434 pages 141,286 words : adding images
20040121 : 434 pages 141,090 words : adding images
20040120 : 430 pages 139,594 words : adding images
20040119 : 428 pages 140,176 words : adding images
20040118 : 421 pages 135,898 words : adding images
20040112 : 421 pages 135,655 words : adding images
20040111 : 420 pages 136,636 words : adding images
20040110 : 419 pages 135,531 words : adding images
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20040109 : 420 pages 133,699 words
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20040105 : 422 pages 131,087 words
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20031225 : 416 pages 126,300 words
20031212 : 438 pages 122,627 words
20031117 : 445 pages 120,404 words
20031026 : 444 pages 117,118 words
20030825 : 434 pages 118,211 words
20030221 : 412 pages 105,181 words
The tendency of the manuscript is to inflate itsElf with new
material still being discovered these days, and I then
edit it down as it wishes to be for publishing.

The StarLightning Express
~ Letters Let Seer See ~
The Nature of the Lexigram

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Peace On Earth


One of the doings at Good Works On Earth is to create a tanka with a Star Art, to create a Star Art into a Tanka.
What's a tanka you say?

From the Book of Names in Letters Let Seer See order by, Kathy Uno
aaknt :: tanka - the name of an ancient form of Japanese poetry in thirty one syllables with a 5-7-5-7-7 harmony.

The following information is from :

Tanka are 31-syllable poems that have been the most popular form of
poetry in Japan for at least 1300 years. As a form of poetry, tanka is
older than haiku, and tanka poems evoke a moment or mark an
occasion with concision and musicality.

During Japan's Heian period (794-1185 A.D.) it was considered
essential for a woman or man of culture to be able to both compose
beautiful poetry and to choose the most aesthetically pleasing and
appropriate paper, ink, and symbolic attachment---
such as a branch, a flower---to go with it.

Tanka were often composed as a kind of finale to every sort of
occasion; no experience was quite complete until a tanka had been
written about it.

Tanka have changed and evolved over the centuries, but the form of
five syllabic units containing 31 syllables has remained the
same. Topics have expanded from the traditional expressions of
passion and heartache, and styles have changed to include modern
language and even colloquialisms.

In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line, but in English
and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic
units: 5-7-5-7-7.

Usually, each line consists of one image or idea; unlike English
poetry, one does not seek to 'wrap' lines in tanka, though in the best
tanka the five lines often flow seamlessly into one thought.

English is very different from Japanese, and the first-time writer of
English-language tanka may find that his or her tanka are more
cumbersome and contain more images than we find in translated
Japanese tanka. With practice, though, you will find the form
strangely suitable to our relatively nonsyllabic language.

Many writers of English-language tanka use less than 31 syllables to
achieve the form in English. American Tanka publishes tanka of five
lines that are concise and evocative, are true to the purpose and spirit
of tanka, and echo the original Japanese rhythm and structure.

Please see our Tanka Bibliography for a list of books that contain
excellent essays on the tanka form.

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