In the art of coining words and names, it is best to listen to the sounding of that which you create,
and see how it affects you in the hearing of your speaking.   And test the name by speaking it to others
and observe their responses and do this before you become set on a name or locked into using it.
Names are more powerful than previously imagined here on Mother Earth.

This same heartfelt hearing of the echoes of the name as spoken also goes for new names of children
and endeavors of all kinds requiring a new name creation.  

The art of coining wordings into nameings is a skill of the clear heart, and the peaceful still mind. 
To best know the sheer power of the words, and their letters to echo their realities and their truths of
awareness, we invite you to begin with the Axioms of the Lexigram, the Science of the Letters, if you will. 
If you are new to the art and science of the Lexigram, we invite you to our Introduction to the Lexigram.

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