The words of TAWA as hosted by C.R. Fletcher
This hosting occured near the Flathead Lake in Montana
on April 15, 2006, a Saturday, with the following in presence:
Steven, Shatari, Candy, Terry T., Natascha, Cathy S.,
Julie, Jamie, Teresa, Heather, Douglas, Dominick

[Editor Note: This is an excerpt of the full sharing. Names are shown with initials, Tawa is the T: ]

"SH: Thank you. Tawa we’d like to understand completely what took place with Judas,
as I’m sure you are aware recently they exposed the gospel of Judas?

T: Who exposed the gospel of Judas?

SH: I’m not sure who did exactly, but…

T: The human.

SH: So is that…

T: Who told the human?

SH: I don't know.

T: Gossip.

SH: So this gospel that’s recently been placed is not the truth?

T: Not entirely, no.

SH: Can you tell us the truth?

T: Judas was good. His act was good. His act had to be, or there would have been no act.
Sometimes one must appear as the one that causes the harm so someone can lay the aim to another.
Judas cried upon the interior, a smile upon the exterior. The pieces were thrown away, casted into the wind
when the actual fact came as a blow upon the head, a fracturing of the scalp.

*Someone said something to Tawa here but the unable to hear it due to the person not speaking into the microphone.

T: Yes.

SH: Okay, so he did not hang himself?

T: No.

SH: So he was murdered?

T: Yes.

SH: By whom?

T: Unknown to you in a name.

TER: So the document that was just found and put in a book was not written by Judas?

T: Supposition. No it was not.

TER: And could you tell us about the 30 pieces of silver that he took?

T: They were thrown to the winds.

TER: By Judas?

T: Yes.

TER: So that was just part of what he needed to do.

T: Yes. It is a difficult statement to stand upon, to act upon, to be someone stating, “You must expose the Son of God so He may be tortured and eventually murdered.” What thought would come to the mind of any or all? A thought of such despair, a thought that must end in love and be covered with love or the strength would not be there. Do you understand?

TER: So he had to make his spiritual choice that didn’t look good to the human?

T: Yes.

TER: And was he asked by Jesus to do this?

T: Both, by God and by Jesus.

TER: So did he have a vision?

T: The statement to Jesus was rendered upon him at a very early age, seven.

TER: And did he forget and then recall?

T: Held within his mind, almost every moment until the completion.

*Someone asked a question here that couldn’t be heard.

T: Both.

TER: And is the purpose of that as an archetype for us that we sometimes have to do things that spiritually, make a spiritual choice that looks to everybody else humanly as a really not a good choice.

T: Any choice that is given with God and the love of God is a choice of good, no matter the act. The human thought changes the serious love that is rendered upon the individual by God. Place yourself, you, Teresa, place yourself in his stead. Now view yourself entering into the same walk, the same faith. What would be the thoughts within your mind, stepping around the pain?

TER: It would be difficult.

T: Difficult is a very, very inept word. Would be impossible for the human unless forced. Jesus was not forced. He did so willingly. What is pain to the human but discomfort? When the pain becomes unbearable, the conscious mind is quieted, and when it comes to the point of unbearable even in the unconscious motion, then you come home to God.

TER: Thank you. Could you answer Frank’s question about the (fetter)?

T: Yes. A question not needing an answer, but yes, even though the thought sometimes states no, it was yes, and is yes.

TER: Can you give direction on changing that?

T: The leash being drawn in to shorten the distance and to understand a walk of one step can contain the walk of a hundred steps. He will understand.

H: Tawa can (inaudible) or a choice be completely lost?

T: At times, yes. What is lost can be found. True?

H: True, so will it be?

T: Yes.

H: Okay, thank you.

T: What do you see when you look upon a mirror? You see the reflection of what is placed before you to the mirror. The mirror reflects a likeness, a picture, an instant thought, a step into the glare of the mirror. Beauty comes to the eye--the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to one is not beautiful to another. In your case, not at all times but the great majority of times you are beautiful to yourself. Do you understand?

H: Yes I think so. So can it be let go? I’m back to where I was in the beginning.

T: Sometimes it is very difficult to open the fist, is very difficult to allow a route that would end in an escape, but difficulty is also a reward, the choice being the individual’s choice. Do you understand?

H: Yes, so what is my focus now?

T: You smile. To guide with the smile is always much better than the frown.

H: Thank you."


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