The words of TAWA as hosted by C.R. Fletcher
This hosting occured near the Flathead Lake in Montana
on August 9, 2003 - a Saturday, with the following in presence:
Dave, Douglas, Gabriel, Kathie, Larry, Martin, Lorraine,
Rachael, Shatari, Steve, Natascha and William

"Good afternoon to you again. To the children of God--God comes to. You are a child of God, each one of you. As you reach within your human life and you give of yourself to others, you become as you say, Christ-like. You have God within you. Why cannot God shine within your eyes at all times? Why can you not lead a life that you wish to lead, the spiritual essence of your own soul coming to the fore, all the lives you have come upon and been in and the knowledge of that has been given to you. Do you search through those words? Do you understand the words that are given? They are given to you with love. They are given to you for you--you as an individual. You are Christ-like now. It is only momentary, but the momentary thought will begin to expand itself upon you. Then you shall be Christ-like, and the God within you shall show within your actions, within your hands, within your touch, within your voice to others. As one becomes harsh with the voice, one becomes harsh within. The harshness does not solely go to the one on the exterior. It also enters within you. And as that harshness enters within you, then you, yourself, sway within your thought. You allow the harshness. Why not allow a totality of thought within yourself that you are a child of God? When you give thought to a child of God, an exterior thought, one far from being you, what would you say to yourself if you looked upon another and that other said, "I am a child of God." And then you see that child of God raising the voice giving harm to others, not giving aid to others, not giving love to others. What does that give to you as a child of God?

"All of you looking upon others. Within your circle now, you give love to each and each one accepts that love and returns that love. When you leave and you go to your homes, what do you do with your thought? Where does your thought linger? What does it linger upon? Does it view your life of the last seven days, or does it view your life at another time, or the life to come
within your life now? Allow yourself to understand who you are. When you walked with Jesus, you walked and held His hand. You held Christ's hand. What does that do to your life now? You do not hold His hand, but you can hold His hand in thought. The actual knowledge within yourself giving to yourself the freedom of understanding God within yourself, not the bias thought
of the human, but the spiritual thought that you are aware of, that you hold within your sight. All of you now have some that you can reach to, to give of your love. The healing love of God upon the rays of your own thought. Where does those rays go, and what are they sent with? When they are sent with the spiritual of yourself and the love of yourself to another, then they are sent
clean. They are not carriers of the burdens within the human life. They become clean within the spiritual thought and the cleanliness reaches to another and takes all infirmities from that other, no matter who it may be, the infirmities are entered into the cleanliness, and the cleanliness takes it away. Your thought, your are the one that holds a thought within you. Only you are aware of the thoughts within your mind other than God. God knows every thought you contain, and if you can say to yourself, "God, I think as Christ would think," in the attempt as a human. The human attempting to be Christ. And as you attempt to be, you shall become. You cannot state to yourself, "I am without being I am." Without acting the complete role within your thought centering upon your life, centering upon the knowledge you contain, each one of you walking a different life within your thought. Some carrying that thought to the extreme, and the extreme is knowing God. Some realizing within self they are not reaching far into the interior of self to bring forth that knowledge of God. Look around you and view your fellow man and woman. View the child in the arms of Kathie. The child reaching out in his own way, giving of himself to God. He walks the child life with the spiritual thought within him. Allow yourself to spend a few moments speaking to him. Listen to his words, and they are words that come with a spiritual essence of the child. Where does the child learn? He learns from his mother and his father, and his mother and father teach him to be a spiritual individual. He shall grow into a man and hold that particular
knowledge. When one holds the knowledge and does not use the knowledge, then that one must reach deeper-and-deeper. As one that hears the words and does not understand, then the understanding can be reached and the clarification of an understanding can be given. When one understands God is within you and you are a child of God, how can you give harm to another in any form? To reach within the human life solely for the human-to-human, the personalities attacking each other, clashing in the thought waves of the earth, clashing with thought forms.
The thought forms never leave."


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