The words of TAWA as hosted by C.R. Fletcher
This hosting occured near the Flathead Lake in Montana
on April 4, 2006 - a Saturday, with the following in presence :
Candy, Douglas, Ed, Heather, Nancy, Natascha, Shatari, Steven, Terry T, Trent

"Tawa: Allow your question to be given again.

SH: “Spiritually, how shall we prepare for the happening?”

T: Now answering that inquiry. Each one amongst all the billions upon your earth enters in a manner different from all others.
Each one possessing the soul. Each one being a soul. Many, many individual souls coming to the fore to create other souls,
and how do they enter into the spiritual thought, as you enter into the spiritual thought.
Your fingers move. They caress the key, and they hold the pen, and they form the thought,
as you form the thought in one manner, others form the thought in their manner.
Continue please.

C: Me again, back to the dead body and free spirit, okay the spirit now realizes it has no longer any function on the planet.
What is the next step that it takes?

T: The spiritual realm becomes home.

C: But isn’t she or he already already in the spiritual realm?

T: Yes.

C: But are there different levels within the realm?

T: When you walked into the door of your home and you enter into that particular room, then you proceed, and you enter into another room.

C: So there are many different rooms?

T: Yes.

C: Aah! That’s what Christ said.

T: The light bulb comes upon you.

C: Thank you very much. What are the steps to be taken from point A, which is leaving the body, to the big point of seeing God?

T: Thought.

C: Can it be instantaneous?

T: Yes it can.

C: Is it in the majority of cases or not?

T: Yes it is.

C: Because of the thought of God as they are leaving the body?

T: Because of the thought of many past lives and all the extensions involved in those lives.

C: And those thoughts are predominant…

T: And all the thought that returns in each life coming to one whole, the soul containing all.
The rooms being entered into and upon and absorbed into the thought of the soul.

C: Wow, that’s beautiful. Okay, what about the ones that you said have to be reeled in?

T: From room-to-room until they understand.

C: And who does the reeling?

T: The individual, as you search within your life, you search until you find.
No matter the obstacles, you reach those obstacles.

C: What if that individual soul is unaware of what to do?

T: Then others come to the aid.

C: Like lights or angels or whatever?

T: Yes.

C: All right, can we speak now of that entity outside the planet who is doing the power trip and the power guiding?

T: Upon your sight as an individual scanning your skies, what do you see at times that comes upon the sight as a view different from other evenings, from other days, from other nights? Different in the sense of showing an action. What do you see?

C: Like stars are dripping?

T: Yes, as the star smiled upon you, your eyes did see but they did not comprehend. True?

C: Are you speaking of last night when Rey and I looked at that star?

T: Yes.

C: Oh, okay.

T: That is understanding.
When one allows the mind to float, to become the vehicle in the ocean, endless waters, endless space, all smiling together.

C: But what does this have to do with the greedy alien?

T: Greatly, as you will know upon our next gathering.

C: Okay.

T: Now I must leave you soon. Place your inquiries in a speedily manner.

ST: Jonnalee wants to know how to place that thought correctly, for God to heal her?

T: The thought reaching out to give aid to the vehicle must come first with the spirit of the soul, to allow them to join and become a whole within to understand the thought form and the thousands of thought forms that are carried with this in the same proximately, in the same connection, in the same effort, to open one (mind) to the fact you are healed.

ST: Great. I’d like to speak a little bit about the aura readings and the sheep and the goats. Can you help me with that a little bit?

T: Continue your exploration.

ST: On my own?

T: Yes.

ST: Okay, great. Thanks.

T: An active portion to ride upon the wind, to allow your mind to center itself, to allow your mind to control the action of the wheel and in controlling the action of the wheel, you come upon the learning, and it becomes a truth to you, a knowledge, and the fact unfolds before you.

ST: What is the wheel?

T: The steering wheel.

ST: Oh on trip, I’m fixing on going on?

T: Yes.

ST: Great. Thanks.

T: The mind is fleeting in its centering. Always, always, awake alert and seeking - - seeking what is sought and as it seeks for what is sought, then it gains and the gaining gives of the answer. The thought coming to thought cleansing each other. One moment please. Rhonda my child, look upon the days and the nights to come, the weeks and the months and the years - - all being not hallow, but full, energizing. The energy coming into the vehicle expressing itself through the mind. Your mind leaping out - - leaping out to give to others and to retain for self what is needed for self. A collection of words confusing at first, but the confusion will be gone and the knowledge will be made. Seek first, the finding will come about. Now I must leave you, and as I do, speak to God as She Speaks to you. Love Goddess as He Loves you. Hold upon the giver of thought, the giver of life, the giver of the thought of soul - - the soul being unique in its centering upon one, different throughout. Each soul is slightly different than another. Always the difference remains. Love God, as He loves you. Good-bye for now.

ST: Thank you Tawa."
[Editor Note : The above had minor edits and tiny changes so as to allow the easiest reading of TAWA's Voicings.
When the sounds of the speakings accompany the data being spoken, more complete understandings can occur. 
Inflections and pauses and quicknesses of TAWA's Voicings cannot be sensed if one is not in the presence of the Hostings,
nor can they be explained at every line.]

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