The Gift

This submariner's page is written for the purpose of all American's awakenings and healings in these ongoing ascensions.

The power of the words spoken is far greater than previously imagined. 
Good Works On Earth's entire website proves this true.

Announcement of 20070210 : Sone Game #2 has been resolved by one person this day. 

Update Note of 20060803 :

Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ..
It's a scream, as Americans care ....
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art
The Voicings

Update of 20051217 : Celebrating One Day of Peace in almost all of Iraq.  Territories ires rest ... terrors rest.  One day, yesterday. 
The ink of the scholar is indeed holier than the blood of the martyr, and now the question is, will America cease its violences upon the area,
and stand down its insertions and go utterly quiet, and near invisible in Iraq ? 

Let American troops go deadly still quiet and so piercingly powerful in healings, for power reserved is power amplified.

2nd Update of 20051217 : We now offer you a unique gift when you make a donation to support the sharings of the Star Arts with Humans. We mention this gift on this page, the title is, BLIND MAN'S BLUFF  And now .. a sharing of Memorial Day 2005.

We created this page on 20030611 as our tribute to SUBMARINERS world wise across all spaces and times. We again shared the Submariner's Memorial Tribute anew with you on Memorial Day, 2005, May 30th.

On August 18th, 2000, this Star Art of SUBMARINERS was rendered by me in a letter to a peace poet in Moscow, Russia, and later sent out in a letter to our mailing list. It has yet to be published beyond the lights of Love in the Web of Love here, at Good Works On Earth.

My name is Will I AM, and I am the author of this Star Art, with the across-the-veil help and
inspirations from the Russian Submariners of the Russian Submarine, the Kursk, all worthy of the capital letterings.

(On 20061024 I add this note to you, Dear webpage Reader ... when you begin to read the Star Arts below, you need to read very slow, stopping at the end of each line so you can feel what you just read, feeling and seeing what the line is saying, line by line, the pause to ponder is and so know is important in feeling, knowing and seeing the power of the Star Arts..  The first line was a whisper across the veils of the deaths, the arising of spirit of the submariners of the Kursk, who knew they could decode the Star Art of SUBMARINERS in the name of Peace On Earth Good Will All, in Spirit.  Spirit knows ... Imagine you are running still silent while going deep to the thresholds of Our Love sOurce Awareness with arisen submariners ... )

... from the letters ...
..... revealing .....


Star Arts Researches of the
prime letterings sequence of
Copyrighted Materials
All Rights ReServed World Wise
All Wrongs ReVersed World Wiser
Burnishings to the Star Art on 20051217
Burnishings to the Star Art on 20070531

I dedicate this Star Art to all submariners who have perished at sea,
including the Kursk and her crew, lost at sea in mid August 2000.

To: An Unnamed Peace Poet in Moscow
From : Will I Am, Executive Director, Good Works On Earth
Subject : How Does A Peace Poet Do This ...

How did he do it?  He wrote words which caused the submarines to all be in their berths.  Not a one was at sea on war standings.
No nation sent a submarine of war to sea with malice intentions from that day forward.  He wrote the words, and his friends all laughed at the time.  They did not know at the time what the poet knew then.  They did not know the power of that poet's words.  He wrote words that all the leaders read and they all agreed to agree.  No submariner would ever be a perisher again, for there would be no more going to sea in their submarines of war with tensions so high.

How did the poet know to write the words so that all the leaders saw the wisdom's in their changing of  the submarines of war to submarines
of peace? 

How can one man's words reach so many people at seemingly one moment, and bham! in the blink of an eye the media aimed a new idea in their mad rush to share new news .... as the submarines aged, some became museums full of awes and wonders, in most cases, the submarines are undone, piece by piece, bit by bit, and returned to good use in good fashions of good livings, not wars.

The Star Arts of WEAPONEERS

Everyone rejoiced upon Mother Earth, including the Chinese.  Fidel was ecstatic and his speech is incredible to hear. Vladimir smiles, because he knew peace was at hand, for he helped create it.  The world came to forgive Mr. Bush and his ancestors, same as they forgave Hitler's part in the play of humanity's awakenings.

One poet's words pen pean's to aeons of peace.  All the lies came to rest, and joy was heard throughout the lands of Mother Earth.


The remaining submarines were top class, and always for learnings and sharings all paid for by those using the boats.
Now our submarines take research trips with our scientists, oceanic healers, senators, congressmen and congresswomen,
and the price is now paid by all who board the submarine, except of course, the crews.  The price of admission to the ride
pays for the entertaining and learning trips.  There are no weaponized submarines in heaven on earth, no more of the republican's nuclear races,
and no more democratic atomic idea in a torpedo, these things of war having been restored and returned, bit by bit, to nature.

How can one poet's words do all that?  How can a man of words get leaders to stop wars and stop making weapons and stop being greedy
and stop being unkind and uncaring on the national level, nation to nation, and so too, the corporate rapists cease the rapings ? 
How can it happen ?

She ~ He who lives by the words sword he or she wields with their very lips,
lives by those word's echoes eternal. Changing a belief changes a life.
Changing your care of words changes your life, eternal.

The Proofs :
The Axioms of the Art and Science of the Lexigram

She ~ He who lives by the sword dies by that sword.
From the deep knowings, you are invited see the Heaven Codes.
Here, One Heaven's Code shows clearly to all with eyes that see.
Here, One Heaven Code sounds out to those with ears that hear.

There are no weapons in the heavens and there are no star wars orbit codes, and as you know, Good Works On Earth
and many others are involved in the physical business of anchoring the lights of Love here upon Mother Earth
and when the humans fully awake to Love is the power of powers, this will be heaven on earth, with a
Capital H and a Capital E and here in capitals are the ARTS of THE HEARTS.
The point being to shine your heart light, and know your spoken word
carries enormous power and you will come to know the echoes.

Did you know that all the mansions of heaven have trees growing sacredly in peace everywhere they can grow?
Any planet's peoples that cuts forests is killing the breathe - abilities of their own selves.
Only ignorant rapists of the short term false profits takers will do such a thing.
Only lawyers of greeds and egos assundering will write such laws that hide the
logging corporation's crimes behind the road buffers of our forest's trees still standing.

Any corporation that allows loggers to rapaciously destroy the lung material of Mother Earth is killing Mother Earth.
Point of fact, this can no longer be denied by greedy men called loggers of all stripes and sizes from corporations large and small.
When the forests are restored, the viruses return to their natural hosts, the forests and the other living and breathing
creatures of awareness upon Mother Earth.  Planetary health restored, people breathe easy again.

The Star Art of BREATHES

The Star Art of FOREST

Which are as yet still being rent asunder in late 2005 .. causing more viruses to have no homes.
Where can the viruses that live in the creatures and trees go?
Where do loggers take trees after they kill them?
To people, to us humans.
Kill is the right word.
For the trees live.

And there are no more submarines at the bottom of heaven's oceans
and no submariners carrying nuclear poisons and for sure no one creates and
distributes chemical weapons or nuclear weapons into our precious airs and seas.

The Star Arts of the DOLPHINS and the WHALES

If anyone has any doubts whatsoever about this art and science,
we invite you to please see this Star Art of AMERICANS
and this one : The Star Arts of the AXIOMS

Peace Be Upon Mother Earth and Good Will All

When we stop paying the weaponeers to create,
and we power up the payings to the unweaponeers,
Peace On Earth Will Enflower.

Nature's Best Submarines
Natures Best Submariners ~ Surfing Dolphins
 Astrological information removed on 20061024

The following may one day disappear off this web page ...
For now ... we share the inner workings a bit.

Greetings to the Board of Directors of Good Works On Earth ...

I know you are busy .. it isn't necessary you read all of the below ...
I posted all of what is below on 20030610, as the initial point of our
beginnings of our surfacings in ways beyond metaphysical on key radars that
key folks may look at with key words on search engines now and again.
I invite you to scan our statistics and appearances in these matters
with these snapshots in time at the google search engine this day.
The following link is proof positive Good Works On Earth's name
does not show up in the Top Ten search results on 20030610 for these materials.
What follows beneath the wavy line below is a snap shot of Google's
search engine results for the search of SUBMARINER IN A DRUM,
not to be confused with Janitor in a Drum, which as a company's product appears to be a whole heap of chemicals
you don't wanna put your skin near, but .. that's another matter entirely ... and another phrase usage than what was searched.
Also shared are the searches for SUBMARINERS, and SUBMARINE.

Again ... Good Works On Earth does not exist in the Top Ten answers at this time.

The proof follows that we do not now show to the untrained and unknowing eye.
We are running silent, running deep on these types of searches indeed.
We are in fact there, already in the Top Ten answers, in the first set
but cannot see us.
Smile ... grin .... unless you know  ....
Good Works On Earth can be found through a link below, via Will's name on the crew list.
You could say, The StarLightning Express is running at periscope peeps on these things.
Advanced Search    Preferences    Language Tools    Search Tips
The following words are very common and were not included in your search: in a. [details]
 Searched the web for submariner in a drum.
Results 1 - 10 of about 882. Search took 0.19 seconds.

#1 [Editor Note : Not applicable.] | Johnny (Sub/Dubmariner remix): Salmonella : inapplicable.
   Dub ... number one... Play Track Buy for NZ$2.00 (6:11, 5.68 MB)
   Salmonella Dub | Submariner Ambient | Drum N' Bass | Dub/Reggae | Electronic ... 

#2 USS Drum Memorial Engraved Donor Brick Order Form

#3     Drum Base Minutes
     ... directions are obscure. Send your ballot to Jim at his address noted
     in the Drum Beat or the American Submariner. It is a shame ...

#4 'Pride Runs Deep' USS Drum Web Page
... encourage any former shipmates and crew members of DRUM to comment or contribute
to 'our' web page. I would also be happy to hear from any submariner or others ...
Description: A collection of information, pictures and visual memorabilia on the US nuclear attack submarine, USS Drum.
Category: Regional : North America : ... : Decommissioned : USS Drum

#5     USS Drum Guest Book Archives
     ... 17:06 My Boats Served on:: USS Drum
     Rate/Rank ... Comments:
     Last October became Honorary Submariner by diving on the USS Henry M ...

#6 Feldgrau :: Hans Goebler: U505 Submariner
... in 1999, had some truly amazing stories to tell about his life as a submariner on
the U ... The drum roll of the depth charges seemed to affect Zschech very deeply. ...

#7 [PDF]Female submariner a Canadian first
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... Female submariner a Canadian first La première canadienne à devenir sous-marinier
par le ltv ... other's scrub bucket with water from a 45-gallon drum that was ... vol_5/vol5_13/vol5_13navy.pdf - Similar pages

#8 Dance Artists - -
... Drum & Bass. ... Kamahi ; Kevvy Kev ; Mother Guru ; Pitch Black ; Resin8 ; Rhombus
; Salmonella Dub ; Salmonella Dub meets The Submariner ; Sola Rosa ...

#9 The Mid-Atlantic Submariner On-Line
... start with a slide show detailing the construction of this battery which once held
two sixteen inch guns said to be capable of firing a 55 gallon drum of lead ... : we noticed not operating as of 20130325

#10     The Mid-Atlantic Submariner On-Line
     ... Music for the memorial service was provided by various Armed Services and
     civilian bands including The New Ark Colonial Fife and Drum Corps. ... : no longer operating
     [ More results from ]
              Result Page:
                                        Search within results
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The search page above was copied and pasted above on 20030610.
[Editor Note : Most of the links were more fully lit up on 20051218.]

I send you this page, telling you that we are planning on taking arisen submariners
to the surface in the Top Ten Results at google and others,
with our Good Works On Earth name.

When surfacing a submarine .... great care is created in actions by all involved.
The crew works in utterly harmonic unison in all things .... it is a sight to behold.

We will be releasing these things in a message soonly with equal cares.

Watch for it.


Will I AM
Bringing to Surface Peace Upon Mother Earth with Good Works On Earth's Doings.

The submarine named the USS Puffer is named after the puffer fish :

puffer fish : "According to his book, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Harvard scientist, Wade Davis,
managed to unravel the mystery of zombies, those who apparently die and rise to life again. 
They are administered a dose of poison by secret societies as punishment for some offense. 
The poison, tetrodotoxin, is extracted from puffer fish.  In proper doses, it can paralyze the body
and reduce respiration to such low levels that even the attending doctor believs the person is dead. 
When the poison wears off, the person wakes up.  Similar cases had been reported in Japan,
where puffer fish is a delicacy if properly prepared, and deadly if not." : Source :  My Life, by Bill Clinton. pg 237

Apt name for a submarine, now that you know.

The following was copied and pasted 20030610
Advanced Search    Preferences    Language Tools    Search Tips
 Searched the web for uss drum.
 Results 1 - 10 of about 17,000. Search took 0.14 seconds.
 Category:   Regional : North America : ... : Navy : Ships : Submarines

Historic Naval Ships Visitors Guide
USS DRUM (SS-228). Class: Gato Type: Submarine Launched ... USS Drum was
among the first fleet boats in combat. On her first war patrol ...

USS Alabama
A History of the USS DRUM (SS 228) ... The USS DRUM (SS-228) was launched May 12, 1941 by Portsmouth Navy Yard, New Hampshire, sponsored by Mrs. Thomas Holcomb. ...

     USS Alabama
     ... heroes. From the mighty USS ALABAMA to the Submarine USS DRUM and 23
     combat aircraft, the spirit of military pride is alive and well. ...
     Description: Home of A-12 #60-6938.
     Category: Society : Military : ... : Specialized : SR-71 Blackbird : Museums
     [ More results from ]

USS Drum (SS-228)
USS DRUM (SS-228). USS Drum was the first of the Gato class fleet submarines
to be completed, and the only one in service at the start of World War II. ...

     'Pride Runs Deep' USS Drum Web Page
     ... USS Drum Shipmates Club at I have set up a USS Drum Club on
     Yahoo which
     can serve as a gathering place on the Internet for members to schedule ...
     Description: A collection of information, pictures and visual memorabilia on the US
     nuclear attack submarine, USS Drum.
     Category: Regional : North America : ... : Decommissioned : USS Drum

     [ More results from ]

National Park Service: World War II Warships in the Pacific
Warships Associated With World War II in the Pacific USS DRUM, ... USS Drum, Mobile,
AL (Photo by USS Alabama Battleship Commission, 1985). Name: USS Drum (SS-228). ...

Last time we checked, this link was no longer working :

USS Drum Memorial
... These Monuments are located in a significant, sometimes grass-covered
area, along the walkway to the USS Drum memorial submarine exhibit. ...

The USS Drum
USS Drum (SS-228). The other ship at the USS Alabama exhibit is the USS Drum, a
Gato class WWII submarine. The Drum is 311 feet long and displaces 1526 tons. ...

' A Tribute To the USS DRUM / SS 228'
' A Tribute to My Dad's WWII Submarine USS DRUM/SS228'. 'Jerry DeRosa-US
Army / US Navy'(Ret.). ... My Dad Served Proudly on the USS DRUM/SS228'. ...

USS Drum SS 228
E2 SS-26, E -2 (SS-26: dp. 287; 1. 135'3'; b. 14'7'; dr. 11'8'; s. 14
k.; cpl. 20; a. 4 18' tt.; cl. E) Sturgeon (SS-26) was launched ... : no longer working

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Above, it seems we have to do statistics battle with history for it seems full of the 228.
The page is so full of 228 that not even one 677 shows up.
Makes me wonder what the search term, SUBMARINERS, brings up ....
a pun!
dancing in the streets while we await our
21,000 answers that took .13 seconds to be found.
 Searched the web for submariners.
 Results 1 - 10 of about 21,000. Search took 0.13 seconds.
 Category:            Society : Military : Naval

Submarine: SUBNET -- Cyberspace Association of US Submariners
Subscription Information, Welcome Aboard Briefing, 10 July Update.

SUBMARINER DIRECTORY. Description: CAUSS - Cyberspace Association of US Submariners
Category: Regional : North America : ... : Navy : Ships : Submarines Subnet has been decommissioned.

Home Submariners Association Barrow-in-Furness Branch. Sponsored by Sponsors Logo, Produced
by. Barrow-Island Webs. © 2003. This site is kindly sponsored by CAE, TOP.
Description: The Submariners Association (Barrow-in-Furness Branch)
Category: Society : Military : Naval : Submarines

Last checked, link not working.

Submariners Association of Canada
Menu. You are visitor to our site. This page best viewed at 800 X 600
screen resolution. Central Branch. More Info On Us ?? ::: Please ...
Description: SAOC, comprised of anyone qualified on submarines in any navy, presents information on submarines...
Category: Regional : North America : ... : Government : Military : Associations

Welcome to: INTERNATIONAL SUBMARINERS ASSOCIATION [GREAT BRITAIN].... : no longer working as of May 2013

United States Submariners List
United States Submariners List. ... [RETURN TO SSBN 640 PAGE]. Google, Search
WWW Search Submariner's List. Use Google to search this Submariners List. ...
Description: List for keeping in touch with current and former Submariner shipmates.
Category: Computers : Internet : Chat : ICQ : User Lists : [Editor Note : This link has an active Submariner's List.]

The Association of Model Submariners
Thank you for visiting. Our Web Site. Please visit us again soon. : no longer operating

© 2001 : Submariners Association East Branch:. US Naval Observatory Running Master
Clock. Submariners Association. Canadian Branch. EXECUTIVE for 2001. ...
Description: This group of retired Canadian and Commonwealth submariners presents information on the group itself...
Category: Regional : North America : ... : Government : Military : Associations

Created with HTML Assistant Pro, September 20, 1998
DOS. Directory of Online Submariners. Ron Martini's email address change to: 15506 entries achieved Mar 1, 03. Page created 9-20-98 © ... [Editor Note : Directory is 16,000 submariners active in late 2005]

Prayer for the crew of the Russian Navy Submarine 'Kursk'.
... A note found on a body recovered from the sunken Russian nuclear submarine shows
that at least 23 submariners survived the powerful explosions: The desperate ...

Submariners Association
The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which
seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship ...

The Kursk shows .... that's way sweet ...
So, we are now going to be working from this day to create, change, and post pages at Good Works On Earth
that will surface to the Top Ten answers on search engines for the searches:
submariners in a drum
arisen submariners

The single word, submarines, gave 457,000 answers this day, 20030610.

 Searched the web for submarines.
 Results 1 - 10 of about 458,000. Search took 0.38 seconds.
 Categories:    Regional : North America : ... : Navy : Ships : Submarines
           Society : Military : Naval : Submarines

US Submarines' Entrance: submarines, manned submersibles, tourist ...
US Submarines designs, engineers, manufactures and sells diesel electric personal
luxury submarines, manned submersibles, tourist submarines and underwater ...

Dutch Submarines : The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy
The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy 1906 - 2003. Random image from
the pictures section. SUBMARINES All Dutch submarines ever. ...
Description: History of the Royal Netherlands Navy Submarine Service. Attack logs, ship specs,
eyewitness WW2 accounts... Category: Society : History : ... : World War II : Naval Forces : Netherlands

Submarines of the Great War
Submarines of the Great War
Description: Information on British submarines in the First World War, focusing on J-Class
Submarines and the Zeebrugg...
Category: Society : History : ... : World War I : Regional

NOVA Online | Submarines, Secrets, and Spies
NOVA Online (click here for NOVA home). Welcome to the companion Web site to
'Submarines, Secrets, and Spies', originally broadcast in January, 1999. ...

Howstuffworks 'How Submarines Work'
Main : People : How Submarines Work. ... Submarines are incredible pieces
of technology. Not so long ago, a naval force worked entirely ...
Description: Six-segment narrative describes how submarines actually work, including life support,
power, navigation...
Category: Society : Military : Naval : Submarines

Navy Fact File: Attack Submarines
The United States Navy. Attack Submarines - SSN. ... Description: Attack submarine,
designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships. ... factfile/ships/ship-ssn.html

[Editor Note: Removed as inapplicable]

Seahorse Submarines
Builds the Seahorse submarines, mini submarines, rebreathers,
semi-close circuit rebreathers and provides diving services. ...
Description: Designs and manufactures submersible systems, small submarines and closed circuit
re-breathers. Provides...
Category: Business : Consumer Goods and Services : ... : Scuba Diving

Submarines. Submarines preserved as museum ships or in museums. 1775
Turtle, reconstruction. Steam Boat Dock Museum, Essex, CT, USA. ... Ships/Warships/Submarines.html

[Editor Note : Removed as inapplicable.]
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A search for ARISEN SUBMARINERS gave 124 results on 20030610

 Searched the web for arisen submariners.
 Results 1 - 10 of about 124. Search took 0.17 seconds.

BHHRG ... Many of Paldiski's buildings, including the submariners' institute, stand abandoned and empty, stripped ...
The same problem seems to have arisen in the Baltics ...
Full link disconnected due to not working in 2008

The Honolulu Advertiser | Local News
... each year take tours on Navy submarines, a furor has arisen over this ... cramped submarine
control room would have behaved in a way that distracted submariners. ... Feb/15/215localnews1.html

US Military Activity in the Arctic In the 1990s: Is It Needed?
... a new set of concerns involving previously secret Soviet military activities has
arisen. ... case in the North Pacific in June 1970, US submariners actually though ...

Russia. Lateline. Australian Broadcasting Corp.
... aid and now it may be too late to save the 118 submariners entombed in ... author of Inside
Terrorism about the new terrorist threat that has arisen against America ... LatelineIssuesIndex_Russia.htm

Glossary of Nautical Terms
... Also, perhaps in a general spirit of perversity, submariners and naval aviators
refer to ... The origin is uncertain but may have arisen with the ships cook and ...

Through Enemy Eyes War Series 41-42
... could such a system have arisen and flourished? ... Csáky; Reich Youth Leader Axmann
Visits Oslo; A Grandiose Nazi Party Ceremonies in Silesia; Submariners on a ...

[PDF]Section VII: National Security Policy Processes
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... Retaining the most qualified officers, especially pilots and submariners, is growing
increasingly ... or defer change or to ignore the warnings that have arisen. ... MR1306.1/MR1306.1.sec7.pdf

Pravda.RU The USA to stay in Central Asia
... And the problem has arisen long ago. ... 17:33 Twenty-four bodies of Kursk sub victims
can not be found The bodies of 24 submariners (out of 118) of the Kursk sub ...
Last checked, link not working.

... It feels good to bring this home for our submariners, SUBLANT and all the New ... This
problem has arisen because many computer systems use two digits for dating ...

... Sail with American submariners into tightly ... military and political realities of submarine
warfare in relation to the cultural myths that have arisen in Germany ...

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The Sone Game #1 [ game is now closed ]
Find the One Word that Cannot Exist ...
Yet it does exist, still showing at this time ...
In the Name Art Rendition
George Walker Bush
and win the first
round of the
Sone Game

Original Details of the Sone Game #1 [ Game is now closed ]
The word that could not exist in his Name Art was MASTER.
We have corrected the one word that cannot exist in the Name Art of
For the record, Walker is his middle name
and the letters that create his name are :

We closed SoneGame #2 on 20070210 :
Details of this game resolution are :
The Birth Name created by the sequence is : IRVE LEWIS LIBBY.
The public name he uses is : I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby.
Sone Game #2 was resolved by Faye Miller of Ohio.


This is a Good Works On Earth web page.

The address of this page is :

The Title of this Page is :
A Submariner's Memorial Day Tribute to Peace On Earth, again, on 20050530

The Description of this Page is :
The Lexigram'ers Star Arts Tribute to the SUBMARINERS of the KURSK from
a fellow submariner of the USS Drum, reissued anew on Memorial Day 2005.

Key Words :
submariners, kursk, memorial, uss drum, fast attack, nuclear, ssn, usbn,
salutations, inspirations, blue and gold, crews list, perished,
perishers, running silent, running deep
energetic rebalancers
' energetic rebalancings '
energetics rebalanced
' energetic rebalances '
energetic rebalance
' energetic balance '

Photograph of Dolphins Surfing
by an
Unknown Photographer
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please contact us
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These Are The Submariner's Peaceful Quiet Surfacings

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Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
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