Greetings .. On November 27th, 2004 we began the process of
removing all traces of our Missing Persons
Operation Recoveries
Researches and Sharings from Good Works On Earth's site.

At this time, we work with
and share with only the following :

1) Direct relatives or BeLoveds of the Missing.
2) Highly competent investigators of the clearest hearts
who are empowered by full authority of law to be so investigating.

You are invited to contact us regarding the possibility of
our being able to help direct attention onto various paths echoing in the name itsElf.
This service has been used to help locate and so know what has
happened to a missing person with our using
only their name(s) and communications with
one of those involved in the investigation.
This work has been shared with others
to hold the hope of safe return of
the person who is missing.

If you seek our help in
seeing what can be what
with the art and the science
of the Lexigram in relation to
the name(s) of the missing
please contact us :



All Missing Persons Research is Confidential
Good Works On Earth


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We highly recommend your reading the book by Jeanne Boylan : The Portraits of Guilt


Information on the manuscript entitled :

The StarLightning Express
Letters Let Seer See
The Nature of the Lexigram

Visit the Mother's Day Manifesto of 2004


This sacred sound :
is the name of the
African Partnership for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and Girls
See what is happening with women, elsewhere.
We welcome you back, anytime.


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Researches the art and science of the Lexigram and shares that the power of the
word is far greater than we have been led to believe, or allowed to imagine.

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