On June 28th, 2007, Google announced their intention to become carbon neutral as a company by the end of 2007.
How events astound us. Here is their quote :

We've pledged to become carbon neutral as a company - around the world - by the end of 2007.
You can read more about all of these programs and more on our new "green" site :

Carbon neutral. A very wise doing, indeed.
Thank You, Google, for another corporate leading-edge awakening.
Strange to say it that way, but still true in mid-summer 2007.
How many corporations do you know committed to carbon neutral ?
Few corporations today commit to transparent carbon neutrality.
Few corporations today commit to transparent carbon footprints.
This is now changing.

Google Arts

Google Art : Mother's Day 2007

Earth Day 20070422

Yuri Gagarin 20070412

Saint Patrick's Day 20070317

Lunar New Year : 20070218
Happy Valentines Day

Google Arts : 20070214

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr
Google Art - 20070115

Google's Happy New Year 2007

The Happy Holidays Sequence of 2006

Beginning 20061221

Google's Happy Holidays : 20061222

Google's Holiday Greetings : 20061223

Happy Holidays from Google 20061224

Happy Holidays from Google 20061225

The Google Doodle Scream
Edvard Munch's The Scream

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Google Doodles

Google in Braille : 20060104

World Cup Soccer : 20060609

Mothers Day 2006


Earth Day 2006


Google Art Winter Olympics 2006 Hockey 20060224
The Story of the Original Google Logos by Google's Dennis Hwang

Google Art Winter Olympics 20060223

20060216 :: Googlism for :: Kathy Uno :: Auctor Ignotus
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about this Kathy Uno yet.

Google Logo Image of 20060104

A picture of the Braille letters spelling out 'Google.'
'Happy Birthday Louis Braille!,' from Google

Mother's Day 20060514


Earthday 20060422

Google Art - St Patricks Day 20060317


Google Art : Percival Lowell : 20060313

Google Art Winter Olympics 2006 Hockey 20060224
The Story of the Original Google Logos by Google's Dennis Hwang

Google Art Winter Olympics 20060223

Google Art Winter Olympics Alpine Skiing 20060222

Google Art Winter Olympics Curling 20060221

Google Art Winter Olympics FreeStyle 20060220

Google Art Winter Olympics Ski Jump 20060217

Gooogle Art Winter Olympics Speed Skating 20060216

Google Art Winter Olympics Luge 20060215

20060216 :: Googlism for :: Kathy Uno ::
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about Kathy Uno yet.

Winter Olympics 2006 Speed Skating

Winter Olympics Ice Dance 20060214

Go Ogle Art : Winter Olympics : Torino, Italy : Snowboarding : 20060212

Go Ogle Art : Winter Olympics 2006 Opening

Lunar New Year 2006


Google Art Mozart's Birthday 20060127

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr. : 20060116

Google Logo Image of 20060104
A picture of the Braille letters spelling out 'Google.'
'Happy Birthday Louis Braille!,' from Google

Google Art New Year 2006

:: 20051221 Solstice ::

:: 20051222 ::

:: 20051223 ::

:: 20051224 ::

:: 20051225 ::

Google Art of Google's 7th Birth Day 2005

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