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please inform us of that fact by email if at all possible.
We recently missed a package from Poland due to not being
informed by the sender of its pending arrival with signature required.
(We missed picking up the mail for three weeks in July, and
their registered package was returned. Had we known it was
sent, and when .. we could have made arrangements for pickup.)

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http://www.kathyonu.com/ : in creation : The author of The StarLightning Express in pen is Kathy Onu.
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Good Works On Earth is a non-profit group doing its namesake upon and with Mother Earth and her creatures, including Her breaths, her airs, her trees, her waters, her seas, her motions, and yes, her humans in their awakenings.  We are creating awakening realities with every Star Arts shared.

At this time we are an unlanded group, doing our work wherever we are upon Mother Earth.
We invite your comments and questions and sharings regarding the work being shared at this site.

If you can find a mis spelled word anywhere on our site ... if you will let us know about it, we will share with you an awakening Star Art of your choice as our thank you to you.

If you can find any false line in any Star Art shared on Good Works On Earth, we make the same offer, made a bit sweeter, for a typo is simply a typo and we know what power they can carry, but a false line in a Star Art is like planets crashing into suns in our stellar spaces.  No way, Hosea, we say!  Let us know what line, where it is, why it is false, and your proof of its falsehood, or your proof of the truth of the matter, and we will thank you by sharing with you an as yet, completely unpublished Star Art from the as yet unfinished manuscript, Letters Let Seer See, and, we will mail it to you, signed, dated, sealed  :) and of course, we will update the page on our site so the falsehood has been corrected.  Line by line, these Star Arts sing in sign as they ring in the truths of the matters in the nameings and their meanings.

We will tolerate not one lie in one line of a Star Art.

Good Works On Earth's staff are the final decision makers in these matters.
In the event of a dis agreement, we may, at our option, send the disputed
information to our Board of Directors for their input and response.

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Have you read the Star Art of AMERICANS
North Americans, South Americans, Eastern Americans,
Western Americans or Central Americans ...
It's a scream, as Americans care ...
It's a song in the songster's care.
Can an anthem heal the hate ?
Can a ballad suspend time ?
A healing anthem can ..
An able ballad can ...
The Star Art