The CD or cassette of the The Birth of Compassion by Peter & Jirivil Wood
Offered to you by Good Works On Earth in our fundraising efforts.
Author : Peter & Jirivil Wood
Published by : Angel Gardens Music
Copyright 1999
This title is out of print.
We currently have four CD's and two cassettes available.
$15.00 Requested Donation, shipping included USA.
Track Titles :
Holy Wind 5:18
Turn Your Faith 4:18
If Ever A Love 5:36
Immersed 5:04
Falling 7:01
Diamond in the Sunlight 2:56
Starry Blue 4:49
Peace  5:04
This is very slow and peaceful easy spiritual music.

Jeannie's Review : "This is a great CD to listen to
while going to gentle sleep with a gentle heart."

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DESPAIR  - #11
WORDS  - #16
LETTERS  - #18
DESIRE   - #20
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MOTHER  - #30
RESOLVE  - #31
WHALES  - #32


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