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Greetings from Good Works On Earth

We have been on the road since January 1st of this year working on various projects and we would now like to share one with you.  The Star Art of AMERICANS has been made into a beautiful graphic art for display and sharing with others in the home, office, business or display of your choosing.  This graphic Star Art has been created and developed over the last three years, first the Star Art itsElf, and then the creation of the graphic art.  We have surveyed the art with individuals in all walks of life and professions and based on the responses to the art, we have adapted, changed and modified the art to the point that we are being told not to make any further changes ... the art is 'perfect' as it is.  We agree.

We would now like to share this art with you, allowing you to be able to share it with others in your life and living.  When folks read the art, it literally heals and inspires them in several ways.  The art addresses racism and crime, and the messages are a positive response to these two problems in America.  Every school should have at least one print so the students can read it ... businesses can display the art so their employees experience the art, and its messages.  Yes, we honestly believe that folks who are racist in any way will wake up from that sleepy awareness when they read this art.  There are a lot of proud Americans who are racist ... well, when they read the Star Art of the name they are so proud to be, they will see that racism is indeed a mean trait ... not a proud American trait.  Same with crime and the criminal.

We are currently using the Star Art of AMERICANS as a fundraising tool for Good Works On Earth, building up our ability to share this art with America and Americans in various ways.  Right now, because our funds are limited, we are going direct to businesses, door to door, offering them the print to share with their customers or employees.  We are offering the prints in two fashions ... laminated and unlaminated.
The art is printed on high gloss heavy bond poster paper, measuring 11" x 17".

We first began offering these prints in Junction City, Oregon ... the Mayor donated for a print, the temporary Police Chief received a gifted print for the Police Department and he said it will be displayed where all the police can read it.... the postal clerks donated for personal prints, and business owners individually donated for prints for sharing on their windows or inside their place of business.

We are also offering 'Sponsored Prints.'  Here, you can have your business name showing as the sponsor of the print.   You can then sell the prints to your customers, you can gift the prints to customers with a minimum purchase, or any other idea you can create to share these prints with others.  One example would be as a fundraising tool for a school or other community group.  We will provide the prints with their school or group name showing as the sponsor, and they can offer the prints for sale to their group to earn incomes.

We are willing to work with you in any way we can to share these prints with Americans.  Below are a few ideas we now offer ...

1) Individual Prints:   (All suggested donations include postage and delivery costs.)

Number of Prints Ordered          Type of Print               Suggested Donation

      1                                        Unlaminated Print                $ 15 - $ 20 each
      5                                        Unlaminated Prints               $ 60 - $ 100 total donation
      1                                        Lamintated Print                   $ 20 - $ 30 each
      5                                        Laminated Prints                  $  90 - $ 140

     10                                       Unlaminated Prints               $ 110 - $ 160 total donation
     50                                       Unlaminated Prints               $ 500 - $ 700 total donation
      10                                        Lamintated Print                   $ 20 - $ 30 each
      50                                        Laminated Prints                  $  90 - $ 140

2) Sponsored Prints


3)  If you would like to make a donation to share these Star Arts with the entire Senate, the
House of Representatives, all of the Governors and/or others in one fell swoop, please
contact Will by e-mail, at lexigram@goodworksonearth.org or by snail mail to our
post office box below.

Good Works On Earth is a non-profit group performing our namesake and at this time of
the year there is nothing we would like to do better than to order 1000 or more NOT
VIOLENT and NO VIOLENCE prints and sending them to a 1000 leaders in this nation,
along with the print of the Star Arts healings of AMERICANS so they can know the power
of our name.  Especially those folks in the oval office.

Here is the link to the print of AMERICANS:

Here is the link to the graphic art of NOT VIOLENT:

Yes, we can and will place your sponsorship name on the AMERICANS print, as you like it.

To those of you who have been on our mailing list for years, we say thank you for your
feedback and for your support.   If we can be of service to you or others you know, you
know it can be as easy as pressing REPLY.

To those of you who have never been on our mailing list, we welcome your comments.

Blessings Be,

Will I AM
Executive Director

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